you can have your own remote tiny office in the woods with denizen's 3D printed smartpod

2022-06-15 14:19:55 By : Mr. alex shui

this 3D printed archetype smartpod by denizen is designed with every detail considered, to provide users with the ideal remote office environment. formed to encourage inspiration and productivity, the prefabricated cabin showcases a simple yet elegant interior, fully furnished with all essentials, as well as functional high-tech solutions. the pod can be set in any desired location and is available by subscription to employers who want to experience an alternative workspace close to nature. 

all images courtesy of denizem

the denizen archetype smartpod takes shape as a modern cubicle, spacious enough to provide a pleasant, comfortable environment, but small enough to be installed anywhere with minimal permits. the prefab cabin can be located in any preferred setting as a remote office — ‘connected, furnished, and sustainable, we’ve 3D printed it from the ground up for the perfect day of work,’ the creators share. the structure is meticulously crafted and precisely cut, featuring a solid wood desk & bench, concealed ports, outlets, & cable management, integrated storage, footrest, and a planter made from cross laminated timber (CLT) and other fully recyclable 3D printed materials.

the cabin incorporates large immersive windows, along with sufficient artificial lighting to generate a brightly illuminated work environment. meanwhile, variable opacity privacy film on all windows allows users to maintain their privacy. the smartpod also includes heating, cooling, air filtration, a mini-fridge, and a rear lounge with overhead reading light. employers have access to single point USB-C connection to all peripherals, a 4K 27” adjustable display, a 4K webcam, and a whiteboard to help with brainstorming sessions.

name: the denizen archetype smartpod designer: denizen

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